Our Work

Our Work

Connecting people to and through the humanities

Committed to being a vibrant voice for the humanities

Guided by stewardship and based on community needs, program practicality, cultural relevance, and execution feasibility, our work is done by and for all Louisianans—the people who study, explore, and create, and ultimately the diverse audiences who experience these living, lasting contributions. In this recursive cycle of study, the humanities facilitate vital connections to our shared history, traditions, and values.

The Tin Men participate in a Tennessee Williams Festival, supporting by a LEH Rebirth Grant; photo by Ride Hamilton
The Tin Men participate in the 2019 Tennessee Williams Festival, supported by a LEH Rebirth Grant; photo by Ride Hamilton


Our work speaks for itself, but thrives beyond just the numbers.


Since 1971

Invested in Louisiana communities since our founding
Individuals served by our education programs
Parishes reached throughout Louisiana

In 2023 alone

People reached with humanities programming
Grant funds distributed
Invested in early childhood education