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The Helis Foundation John Scott Center serves as a modern public square: a vibrant community space empowering the public to gather, raise critical humanities questions, and experience a renewed sense of civic agency and voice.

Its design builds on the LEH tradition of offering humanities-based, award-winning, participant-centered programs that encourage critical thinking and promote respectful dialogue.

Our programming model is an extension of LEH’s mission, with artist, educator, humanist, and Louisiana native John T. Scott at its core. Drawing inspiration from Scott’s unique ideas, the humanities and community are consistent threads woven throughout program activities within art, culture, and social change.

The center features artists, culture makers, storytellers, and curators who embrace art as a language, as a medium to share ideas, tell stories, and interpret individual experiences. Our programming highlights the lived experiences of artists and storytellers while facilitating the exchange of memory and tradition shared within and by communities. We embrace the power of education to affect social change. Our programs are influenced by Scott’s 42 years as a teacher and mentor, bearing witness to the power that art and learning have to inspire change.

Join us at the crossroads of art, culture, and social change. Pass it on!

Upcoming Events

December 2023
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