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U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Announces Selection


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has selected PRIME TIME, Inc. to be the Head Start grantee for Ouachita Parish. With this award, PRIME TIME, Inc. will serve 555 children through a diverse set of free, high-quality program options.

PRIME TIME has more than 25 years of experience and success in generating long-term improvements in family engagement and student academic achievement. Founded by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities in 1991, PRIME TIME has implemented more than 1,000 family-focused programs in all 64 of Louisiana’s parishes. These programs have served nearly 40,000 children and parents, working in partnership with Louisiana universities, early childhood providers, libraries, schools, museums, and other public and community service agencies to bring the best possible programming to participating families.

“We are excited to become a first-time Head Start grantee and especially so in Ouachita Parish, where we have a strong track record of partnerships and impact,” said Miranda Restovic, President and Executive Director of PRIME TIME, Inc. “PRIME TIME’s mission emphasizes educational support for vulnerable families. With our programs, we have served nearly 1,000 Ouachita Parish children and families and trained nearly 100 Ouachita educators. We are ready to build on our robust track record of service in the community and initiate an intensive, direct-service model for families in this community. Our programs emphasize the importance of starting early and working closely with parents and children to improve academic outcomes. Becoming a Head Start grantee represents the next step in the continued evolution of our organization and its emphasis on the delivery of high quality education experiences to all.”

To ensure the delivery of comprehensive educational and family services as required by the Head Start model, PRIME TIME will partner with Shine Early Learning (SEL), a national leader for Head Start services, training, and technical assistance. SEL has a highly regarded track record of delivering high-impact services for children and families enrolled in Head Start programs with the aim of closing the achievement gap.

“As a Professor of English at ULM and a Board member of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and PRIME TIME Inc. since 2011, I have long been elated by the tangible impact of PRIME TIME on the lives of families and children in this community. The assumption of the Head Start program, so critical in a parish such as ours, has deepened that elation as the leadership of both the PRIME TIME Inc. and Shine Early Learning epitomizes the possibilities when exemplary competence combines with extraordinary compassion. Their goal with this grant moves beyond mere compliance with regulations to the creation of an auspicious launch for otherwise scholastically disadvantaged children,” said Janet Haedicke, PhD, LEH Board of Directors.

PRIME TIME, Inc. respects the service and contributions of OMCAP, the outgoing Head Start grantee, and intends to work collaboratively for a smooth transition. “Our focus in these first weeks of transition will be to ensure the start of services for eligible families as soon as possible in safe and fully-licensed facilities. We will bring relentless focus and energy to this task,” said Restovic.

PRIME TIME Inc. will be hosting a series of community information sessions in the coming weeks to introduce its program to perspective parents and team members. Enrollment information will be coordinated with community partners and shared as soon as possible.

Interested families may call 1-844-401-7373 for additional information.




About PRIME TIME, Inc.

PRIME TIME Inc. offers a set of unique, humanities-focused, and outcomes-based programs designed to engage new and underserved children and families. PRIME TIME programs are proven to generate long-term improvements in family engagement and student academic achievement. All PRIME TIME based programs offer partner sites such as libraries, schools, museums, and other community service agencies research-based initiatives that directly engage children, parents, teachers, educational administrators, and the community in high-quality family-focused learning experiences. Learn more at