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PRIME TIME Pilots Nutrition Initiative

PT Plus

PRIME TIME Family Reading Time (PT), in partnership with BHP-Billiton Petroleum, has wrapped up an 18-month pilot of the PRIME TIME Plus Healthy Eating program. The literacy project’s nutrition component is designed to strengthen healthy living skills that lead to self-sustainable communities. Results from the pilot program demonstrated its potential to do just that.

In addition to family literacy activities, the Plus program offers an extended dinner, nutrition demonstration, and take-home food items. Market Umbrella provided nutrition material and support, and PT staff created the program model that blended the nutrition information with literacy best practices.

Early evaluation results suggest that the program was successful in improving attitudes and behaviors toward both reading and healthy lifestyles, improving knowledge of healthy eating practices, and increased family bonding–including daily reading and healthy eating.

PT implemented twelve Plus programs in Greater New Orleans, and Caddo/Bossier and Terrebonne/Lafourche parishes.

The LEH and PT are greatly honored to have the opportunity through BHP Billiton’s generous support to offer enhanced literacy activities and the enjoyment of healthy eating e to the PT families.