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Glenda Erwin – Humanities Hero

“I love the humanities. For me, the study of the humanities reveals our soul, that which makes us human, beyond just our ability to design and create. I love the joy that the humanities bring to people when we celebrate our shared humanity through festivals, museum openings, library book reviews, Main Street projects, theater, music, and so much more.

I feel fortunate through my association with the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities to help share through Louisiana Cultural Vistas magazine and LEH-supported local humanities projects the discovery that Louisiana, in each of its corners and among all the states in the U.S., is unique. Through its diversity of cultures, richness of resources, and forced resiliency from being both savaged and replenished by nature, we have great stories to tell. The work of the LEH warms the heart and feeds the soul of our state and our people by confirming the value of regional historical identity, pride, and artistry.

My career as a teacher and a college administrator have taught me that the wisdom we gain through the lifelong journey of education changes lives and enriches cultures. But it is through my work with the LEH that I have learned the joy of sharing this educational journey with valued friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Louisiana is a colorful quilt which the LEH beautifully puts on display for all of us to enjoy, and from which we are inspired.”

Glenda Erwin’s accomplishments in the humanities include serving on the LEH Board of Directors (including Board Chair), where she has the distinction of attending the most programs of any board member. Her contributions to Northwest Louisiana’s educational, arts, and business organizations are far-reaching and numerous. The LEH is proud to honor Glenda Erwin as our Humanities Hero.