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PRIME TIME Plus Pilot Begins in New Orleans

PRIME TIME Plus builds upon successful literacy methodologies and parental engagement practices established by the PRIME TIME Family Reading Time and PRIME TIME Preschool programs. PRIME TIME Plus engages families in literature-based group discussions on nutritional practices, food culture, and food relationships as humanities themes. The program enriches PRIME TIME’s existing meal service component by ensuring that participants receive healthy and delicious meal options while learning practical strategies for improving nutritional wellbeing during each program session. Through this inter-generational approach, PRIME TIME Plus increases the potential for academic achievement in preschool-aged children while improving the eating habits of the whole family.  The goals of PRIME TIME Plus are as follows:

  • Increase the school readiness and nutritional awareness of preschoolers
  • Enhance parent/caretaker skills for facilitating school readiness and healthier eating
  • Increase positive attitudes about reading and nutrition/lifestyle with adult participants

Mealtime enhancement was developed in partnership with Market Umbrella, a New Orleans-based non-profit organization.  Pilot locations are: Rainbow Academy and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans’ Clarence C. Barney Head Start.  Site team members, including Family Health Coordinators, were recently trained for summer 2015 implementation.  Additional sites in Caddo and Bossier parishes will participate in the pilot project beginning in fall 2015.  Details on pilot activities and outcomes will be provided during the upcoming months.