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Women’s Philanthropy Network awards grant to PRIME TIME

The Women’s Philanthropy Network (WPN), a giving circle of The Community Foundation of North Louisiana, voted at its annual meeting on May 17, 2017 to award the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities a $36,250 grant to work with early childhood learning centers and parents to strengthen family literacy engagement.

The LEH’s PRIME TIME program will work at five local early childhood learning centers to train thirty early childhood teachers and 75 families how to best support reading with young children, regardless of their parents’ education level. PRIME TIME will work collaboratively with another WPN grantee, Step Forward, using data to reach the children most in need.

Women’s Philanthropy Network chair Charlotte Walter said, “For the past ten years, the women of the WPN have been pooling their donations to improve public education in Caddo Parish. This year we focused on Early Childhood, believing that many who start off behind never catch up, and with today’s grants, we have a great opportunity to make an impact.”

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