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Pugh Family Foundation supports PRIME TIME in Lafayette

A recently-announced second partnership between the LEH and the Pugh Family Foundation will significantly expand the PRIME TIME program’s impact across Lafayette Parish.

A $30,110, two-year grant will support PRIME TIME Home Room, the LEH’s newest PRIME TIME initiative, which will provide teacher professional development in proven methodologies for an estimated 60-plus Lafayette-area educators, who will, in turn, impact hundreds of children and families.

The program will run concurrently, with and also reinforce an ongoing three-year PRIME TIME Preschool initiative funded at $69,450 by the Pugh Family Foundation. The Pugh Family Foundation’s combined support for this integrated, parish-wide PRIME TIME initiative will reach $99,560-making the Foundation one of PRIME TIME’s largest supporters in Acadiana.

The ongoing Pugh-funded PRIME TIME Preschool initiative is currently in year two of a three-year implementation cycle, and is on track to impact an estimated 225 families, or some 570 individuals, through 2016, in close partnership with the Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS).

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