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PRIME TIME Wins $50,000 from Beaird Family Foundation for Caddo Parish

The Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation has renewed their commitment to family literacy in Caddo Parish, marking the foundation’s fifth year of significant support for the LEH’s PRIME TIME Family Reading Time programs.

This latest award adds PRIME TIME Preschool to the Family Reading Time sites. Preschool is a school readiness program that expands on collaborations between the elementary school partners and the community childcare centers. In addition to providing extensive training to an ever-expanding cohort of childcare professionals, Preschool allows children and families to extend their PRIME TIME experience without overtaxing scarce school resources.

“We anticipate the majority of preschool students will “graduate” from their PRIME TIME experiences with expanded vocabularies, enhanced critical thinking skills, and better prepared academically,” said Dr. Holly Bell, LEH VP of Education, “Parents will have learned skills to help their children succeed in school, and teachers all will gain extensive exposure to PRIME TIME methods they can use in their classes daily.”