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PRIME TIME and BHP Billiton Partner to Improve Preschool Education in Louisiana

Sen. Conrad Appel (left), LEH's Jeff Hale join BHPB's Steve Pastor and LEH's Miranda Restovic
Sen. Conrad Appel (left), LEH’s Jeff Hale join BHPB’s Steve Pastor and LEH’s Miranda Restovic

The LEH is pleased to announce that global resources company BHP-Billiton has committed $540,000 over three years to support our innovative PRIME TIME Preschool program. More than 2,500 children and their parents will be directly impacted across 19 sites in seven parishes, via the new “BHP-Billiton/PRIME TIME Preschool Early Literacy and Healthy Lifestyle Initiative”.

The seven parishes benefitting from the new partnership include Orleans, Terrebonne, Lafourche, Caddo, Bossier, Red River, and Desoto.

“I want to thank BHP Billiton for its generous and uniquely strategic investment in early childhood education and healthy lifestyle promotion,” said Miranda Restovic, LEH Interim President/Executive Director. “A vast and expanding body of research demonstrates that pre-K is one the most proven and effective areas of education, in terms of return on investment over the life of a child. Thus, through its investment of more than half a million dollars in PRIME TIME Preschool, BHP Billiton is demonstrating a long-term commitment to improving educational and health outcomes for youth and families across Louisiana.”

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