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LEH Kicks Off One Hundred Days of LCV!

The Fall 2014 issue of Louisiana Cultural Vistas marked the magazine’s 99th installment as the premier publication of Louisiana history and culture. To prepare for the 100th issue, the LEH announces “100 Days of LCV,” an online retrospective that will culminate in a special anniversary party on January 22. Every day beginning on October 14, we’ll post a story from the archives to

You can also share these articles, photos and essays on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to hearing from the great writers and artists who’ve contributed to LCV since 1990.

Visit the site now to read “The Autobiography of Ernest Gaines,” taken from the first issue. It begins:

“Ladies and gentlemen, a fifteen-year-old boy standing on a riverbank in central Louisiana, with a worn-out leather suitcase at his feet and a white pocket handkerchief in his hand…”

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