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NEH supports PRIME TIME Preschool

PRIME TIME Preschool continues to grow its reach–this time through two NEH matching grants totaling $150,000 to national PRIME TIME partners in Kentucky and Georgia.

Kentucky Humanities, a long-time provider of PRIME TIME Family Reading, will use its matching grant to bring PRIME TIME Preschool to families with 3- to 5-year-old children in 40 Title I Kentucky schools. In Georgia, the DeKalb County Public Library System, also a longstanding provider of Family Reading Time, will provide 16 Preschool Programs over two years (2018-2019).

Developed in 2012, PRIME TIME Preschool extends the reach of PRIME TIME’s family reading and discussion model through developmentally-appropriate and humanities-focused center-based activities based on the themes found in award-winning children’s books. Since its pilot, there have been 385 programs serving 5,775 families in eight states. Outcomes of the program demonstrate that high-quality humanities education can improve school-readiness and critical and creative thinking among the youngest and most vulnerable audiences. Click here more information on PRIME TIME Preschool.