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NEH-funded PRIME TIME Global Citizenship Project Wraps Up

In August 2012, PRIME TIME was awarded its 10th competitive grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in support of ongoing statewide and national expansion. This brings NEH’s support for PRIME TIME to over $2.5 million, an unprecedented investment in a singular project. PRIME TIME’s continued NEH funding is a testament to the sustained quality and evolution of a family literacy program that began in Louisiana 24 years ago.

The primary objective of the funded project, “It’s a Small World After All: Global Citizenship Education for the 21st Century,” was to expand the program in Louisiana as well as several other states including Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky and Washington. Initial analysis of the project data shows that the 22 NEH-funded programs reached 1,215 children and their families.

The project also debuted a new syllabus with books and themes emphasizing “Global Citizenship,” a timely topic that became a popular favorite among scholars, storytellers, and participating families. Aredesigned administrative format gave partner organizations the training, resources, and support to sustain statewide PRIME TIME programming.

The LEH sincerely thanks the NEH for its many years of support for PRIME TIME and Louisiana. We also thank our national partners for joining us in this exciting venture on behalf of citizens in their states.