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“When we leave here, we read that book again.”

As a new mom, Brandye Jackson knew she had a lot to learn about preparing her son, Brandon, for kindergarten-and for life. And a a participant in PRIME TIME Preschool at the Galilee Learning Center in Shreveport, she was able to learn, in the comfort and support of other PRIME TIME families, how reading and talking about books with Brandon could provide the foundation for school she’d been looking for, as well as a stronger connection with her son.

“I came to learn from everybody else,” Jackson said. “I learned that to be at PRIME TIME helped my son to socialize a little better because he was an only child for a long time. And I learned that getting home in the afternoon to sit down and read with him, it really helps him still feel that closeness with his mom.”

Since 2014, PRIME TIME and BHP have partnered to raise the quality of early childhood learning in Louisiana. Now totaling more than $479,000, BHP’s investment in Louisiana families is creating invaluable opportunities for parents and preschoolers.

Now, on the cusp of kindergarten, Brandon is ready, said Jackson, in large part thanks to PRIME TIME: “Brandon has learned so much in PRIME TIME. When we leave here, we read that book again. He likes to sit down and read and have me read and interact with me. It helps him to be excited to learn.” PRIME TIME’s engaging, whole-family approach to literacy and learning can make all the difference to new moms like Jackson and children like Brandon.

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