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Georgia Public Library Service Partners for PRIME TIME Preschool

ptgeorgialibraryPRIME TIME Preschool is on its way to Georgia! Using grant funds awarded from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS), the Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) will be among the first partners to implement PRIME TIME Preschool outside of Louisiana.

PRIME TIME Preschool introduces young children and their families to the humanities and to literature through age-appropriate storytelling and literary exploration via center-based play.  The program shares strategies that encourage meaningful at-home reading behavior between parents/caregivers and their young children. Since 2012, over 100 programs have been successfully implemented.

Elaine Black, GPLS Director of Youth Services Director and PRIME TIME Project Director, had this to say about the expansion, “As a part of our IMLS National Leadership Grant, Georgia will pilot PRIME TIME Preschool at 5 libraries across the state, each offering 2 six-week sessions. In December, we will welcome LEH to Atlanta for a day-long training for the 18 library staff, preschool facilitators, and program evaluators who will be implementing the programs next spring.  We selected PRIME TIME Preschool because of our long, successful history with PRIME TIME Family Reading Time in Georgia.  PRIME TIME’s methodology provides the basis for a program that truly does have the power to transform the lives of the families.  We believe PRIME TIME Preschool will help families prepare their children to enter school ready to read.”

On December 6th, Tara Zapp, PRIME TIME Assistant Director and Preschool Manager, traveled to Georgia to lead a training workshop for new team members.  We are excited by the impact of PRIME TIME Preschool and proud of the well-earned interest in the program.  We look forward to continuing our work with GPLS.