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New web exclusives, stories, and visuals are available on, the digital encyclopedia of Louisiana, and the online home of Louisiana Cultural Vistas. Be sure to visit today and watch:

“Geographer’s Space” with Richard Campanella, a new web series produced with the LCV columnist, Tulane professor and geographer. The first episode takes you on a trip upriver from New Orleans to explore the topography of south Louisiana. Hint: Louisiana is not the flattest state in the U.S.

“Get Your Burdens On” is a review of the 2016 Prison Music Symposium at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. The LEH-funded program featured Nick Spitzer of American Routes music radio show, and live performances by inmate bands and guest musicians.

“Hand Grenade History” is the story of Bourbon Street landmark Tropical Isle. From the 1984 World’s Fair to its iconic lime green “hand grenade” cocktail, this video traces the emergence of a famous Louisiana brand.

The site also includes new stories on Muhammad Ali in New Orleans, a review of Lost Bayou Ramblers’ recent shows in New York City, and audio recordings of Louisiana poet laureate Peter Cooley.