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“Iron Sharpens Iron” to Screen at 2022 New Orleans Film Festival

We’re pleased to announce that the LEH-produced documentary Iron Sharpens Iron has been selected to screen at the 2022 New Orleans Film Festival (NOFF). Directed by independent filmmaker John Richie, the film captures the community of Ironton, Louisiana, and its fight against the development of the Plaquemines Liquids Terminal (PLT) atop land that includes the community’s ancestral burial grounds, as well as the destruction wrought by Hurricane Ida.

The festival screening will take place November 7, 6 p.m., at the New Orleans Jazz Market.

Each year the NOFF brings together more than 170 films and their filmmakers in New Orleans to celebrate works of emerging and established filmmakers from New Orleans, Louisiana, the South, and beyond. Audiences get a chance to meet filmmakers in person at talkback sessions after screenings while filmmakers get to network with each other and industry professionals flying in from Los Angeles and New York to discover emerging talent.

Learn more about attending this year’s festival, which takes place November 3-13 with in-person and virtual sessions, and purchase tickets at Those wishing to attend the “Iron Sharpens Iron” screening must buy passes to the festival.

Iron Sharpens Iron is part of the LEH initiative “Coastal Impacts: An Integrated Approach for Community Adaptation, Understanding and Planning,” which assists local communities in building intergenerational coastal literacy through community conversations around books, film, and exhibitions, fostering greater understanding of and support for coastal restoration projects.