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August 27: Film Screening to Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Katrina

In April the LEH recognized Big Charity: The Death of America’s Oldest Hospital with its 2015 Documentary Film of the Year. Directed by Alex Glustrom, the film traces the history of the public hospital and its demise following Hurricane Katrina. Big Charity serves as an insightful look at the history of the city and the people who worked and received care at the facility.

On Thursday, August 27, the LEH presents two screenings of Big Charity at the Joy Theater in New Orleans. The screenings take place at 6:00pm and 8:00pm, with a panel discussion on the state of public health in New Orleans since the 2005 federal levee failures.
Click here for an interview with Glustrom from the spring 2015 issue of LCV.

Tickets are $15 and on sale through the Joy Theater website here. Discounts are available for former Charity staff, citizens born at the hospital and public health workers.