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African Americans are Chronicled in LCV’s History

In February we celebrate Black History Month, and the LEH has a long tradition of publishing stories that illuminate Louisiana’s history. Back issues of Louisiana Cultural Vistas are available by mail or pre-arranged pickup at our headquarters.

Growing up white and black together, Spring 1992
Plains Indians in African American communities, Fall 1992
Contributions of Afro-Creoles are realized, Winter 1992*
Ernest J. Gaines: A Life in Word, Spring 1993
What it means to be Black and poor in New Orleans, Fall 1993
African-American “The Glass Menagerie,” Winter 1993-94*
Resilient market economy within slavery, Summer 1994
Slave economy & material culture, Summer 1994
The Battle of Liberty Place, Spring 1994
Black Creole Music, Fall 1994
Photographer’s vision of African-American communities, Spring 1995
New Orleans’ Jazz Funerals, Spring 1996
Southern Journey by Tom Dent, Summer 1997
Mardi Gras and the politics of race, Summer 1997
LEH funded road trip to Civil Rights Movement sites, Fall 1997
Congo Square: La Place Publique, Winter 1997
Role of black churches in early years of jazz, Fall 1998
Amistad Museum Art Collection, Spring 2000
Herman-Grima: Free Black life and urban slavery in N.O., Summer 2000
Review of impact of slaves from Africa and the Caribbean, Summer 2001
Andre Cailloux, an ex-slave and Union soldier, became a hero, Winter 2001
Good Grief: New Orleans Jazz Funerals, Winter 2001
The Civil Rights struggle in Louisiana, Winter 2001
Retrospective of Civil Rights struggle, new museum to chronicle it, Winter 2001
St. Augustine Catholic Church: Bearing witness in Treme, Summer 2002
Raised to the Trade: Creole building arts in New Orleans, Fall 2002
Free Southern Theater spread theater and thought during Civil Rights, Fall 2002
Civil Rights, Family Strife, Summer 2003
The Origins of “Separate but Equal,” Fall 2003
Mardi Gras Indians: Contextual Portraits from an Insider’s View, Fall 2003
A review of the life of C.C. Antoine, an early black political power, Fall 2003
Willie Birch’s New Orleans, Summer 2004
John Scott’s work captures African-American experience in New Orleans, Summer 2004
The struggle for equality in East Carroll Parish, Summer 2004
“Deacons for the Defense,” on armed resistance and Civil Rights, Fall 2004
White and Black Beaches in New Orleans, Spring 2012
Training of Black Teachers in Louisiana, Winter 12-13
How Sue Eakin Came to Know Solomon Northup, Winter 14-15
The Defeat of Fazandeville, Winter 14-15

To make room for new projects, we plan to move all back stock out of inventory by early March. We will then maintain only a limited number of archival copies. Order your copies now!

Teachers, librarians, writers, historians, graphic designers, archivists, collectors, and all who love and enjoy reading about Louisiana’s colorful history and culture may purchase at the following rates:

Single copies: $7 each, plus shipping costs
10 or more magazines: $6 each, plus shipping
50 or more magazines: $5 each, plus shipping

To view back issue covers, click here. To order back issues, call 504.523.4352 or email Jan Clifford, [email protected].


*not available for sale