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Looking Back at 2023

In 2023 we at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities drew endless inspiration from our favorite and only subject—the people, places, and stories of Louisiana. From 64 Parishes and Rebirth Grants to Prime Time Family Reading and The Helis Foundation John Scott Center, our work is meant to preserve the past and ensure a better future, for everyone from little learners to elder tradition bearers. In 2023 alone we reached nearly 2.1 million people across every region of our state. You can learn more about our year by watching the video below or by reading our new annual report.

In looking to the future, we reaffirmed our commitment to our mission and that our inspiration remains this place we call home. To borrow the words of Poet Laureate Alison Pelegrin, at the LEH, “Louisiana—our people, places, ruination, rebirth—has always been [our] favorite and pretty much only subject.” We look forward to continuing to tell Louisiana stories, preserve our culture, and protect our heritage for future generations.